This is the Update Log, the list will be in order from most recent (top) to the oldest (bottom).

This list usually contains only major updates.

March 13rd, 2020Edit

-UI settings bug has been fixed

-Team score-board bug has been fixed

-Assault map bugs has been fixed

-Auto-swiping clan weapon bug has been fixed


-Offline mode bug has been fixed

March 4th, 2020Edit

New heroEdit

-Mago: Heals an ally with the magic totem or slows an enemy.


-New assault map added: The pool is going to be ours

-Escort: Be careful as you can now fall off the map

-Ice Bang: It has melted

-Switch: Added match with AI in offline mode


-10 costumes (9 normal, 1 clan)

-2 weapons


-Attendance event

-Gift box event

-3rd Anniversary Bag 97% Off Sale


-Shield: HP 195> 170 / Barrier 105> 135

-Launcher: Increased Damage 25

-Iron: Skill Effect 80%> 70%

-Swiny: Throwing power 166.6> 146.6 / Skill convenience improvement


-Added assist

-UI enhancement

December 18th, 2019Edit


-Gift Box Event ( ~ 12.25 )

-Attendance Event ( 12.26 ~ 1.8 )

-Hot Time Event ( 12.26 ~ 1.8 )

-10 new costumes

-Map fixed

Swiny released (mobile version)

Ads to Battle Royale added: watch ads in the results window


-Ghost: HP 170> 140, Barrier 30 added

-Invisible: Skill Cooldown 21> 18

-Iron: HP 160> 180, Barrier 120> 90

-Carog: Turret HP 350> 300

-Electric: Iron skill can be canceled

-Container map fixed


-Team info during death fixed

-Save settings improved


-Clan package typo fixed

August 19th, 2019Edit


- Removed Weapon Damage Scale system

- Added Barrier for all heroes

- Added Barrier Recovery Speed stat for each weapon

※ Now, barrier recovery speed will be different as the weapon you use

Other minor updates are omitted.

July 26th, 2019Edit


-Gold Gift Box

-Daily Attendance


-10 new items

-Preview window improvements 

-Shop UI improvements


-3 new weapons

-Barrier system

-Weapon range applied

-Weapon Damage Scale system

-Heroes stat, skill changed


-IceBang Renewal

-MVP point formula changed

-BR waiting time 180 > 60 

-Respawn time 10 > 8

-Added respawn button


-Clan War min members 5 > 3

-Clan War system changed

-IceBang added to Clan War

May 20th, 2019Edit

Event (~ 06.02 GMT + 9)Edit

- Gift Box May Event

- Hot Time May Event

- 6 New Costumes


- Assault: Increase Range

- Medic: HP 225 > 210

- Recon: Cooldown time 20> 17 / Skill Improved

- Ghost: Cooldown time 18> 16

- Desperado: HP 220> 210

- Iron: Cooldown time 20> 17

- Carog: Skill damage 8> 9

- Creamy: Damage to snail apply


- Ranking UI improve

- Resurrected as an original hero when resurrected by Medic (Ice bang exception)

- iPhoneX home button improve

- Reflected nicknames in Battle Royal ranking fix

- Ice Bang in Clan Wars excluded

- Text description add


- Bots in the Space Map fix

- Battle Royal Duo pumping bug fix

April 18th, 2019Edit

Event (~ 04.30 GMT + 9)Edit

- Collect Easter Eggs

- Find Easter Eggs

- 10 new costumes


- Medic: Heal -10. Self-recovery is removed from BR

- Shield: Skill size 15% up

- Creamy: Skill damage 50> 80

- Desperado: Skill distance 15% down in BR

- Space Map's respawn location change


- Battle Royale: Hero drop rate adjustment

- Honor Medal UI improve


- Lobby bug fix

- Battle Royal area bug fix

March 11th, 2019Edit


- ESCORT Map Rule changing: Compete with damaging the snails.

- CONTAINER map roof fixed

Events (GMT +9)Edit

- Free nickname change ~ 3.17

- Limited costume resale ~ 3.14 / 3.17 / 3.20 / 3.23

- 2nd Anniversary Gift Box ~ 3.21

- Hot Time ~ 3.17 / 3.24

- Sale of costume for the second anniversary


- 9 new costumes

- Killdeath reset item added


- Clan Co-leader is increased up to 2 people

- Add hero shop


- Kill log Bug Fixed

- Button configuration Bug fixed



- Rolling time 1.1> 1.6

- Given damage is changed to 40 every 0.4 sec.

- Received damaged by skill is reduced by 50%

- The head shot record while using the skill is removed


- Significant increase in accuracy

- Skill time limit added

- Cooldown time 10> 7

- Recover own health by 40 points when skill is successfully used

- The death record while resurrecting allies is removed


-Explosion after a short rush


-The shield can be dropped while using the skill


-Now can jump while using the skill


- Cooldown time 13> 9

- Mine time 50> 150

- Damage 80> 50

- HP 210> 185


- Added skill time limit

- Cooldown time 18> 12

- Now transition is not given to allies

February 11th, 2019Edit


New Deathmatch Map : Container

Battle time : 5 minutes> 6 minutes

Valentine's Day Event ( ~ 03. 04 , GMT+9 )Edit

1) Attendance Event

2) Heart Event

3) Added a new costume (F.i.LOVE)

4) 2018 Valentine's limited costume


- Added Weapon Auto Load On/Off option

- Changed Friendly mode UI 

- Changed Clan participation UI

- Changed Clan creation UI

Bug fixes Edit

- Fixed killcam bug

- Fixed WheeLeg bug in the Friendly mode

- Fixed chat filter bug

January 14th, 2019 Edit


- 2019 Golden Pig Event

- Lucky Bag Event


- 7 New Costumes: 4 Normal, 3 Event


- Chat Filter Adding

- Improving UI


- Blade : throw, jump, speed decrease

- Blade : skill damage 220 >200

- Launcher : skill delay 0.36 decrease

- Hook : range 120 >180, time 3 sec > 5 sec, skill delay 1.1 sec > 0.5 sec

- Desperado : range increased 50%

Bug FixesEdit

- Bug in Friendly Mode

- Bug with Electric Hero

December 16th, 2018Edit


-Adjusting Player number : 5 vs 5

-Modification in Assault and Ice Bang map

-Wining condition of Kill Devil 10 > 15

-Winter wonderland theme


-10 new limited costumes

-2017 Santa costume event

-Hot time event

-Gift box event

-New hero event


-New hero, Blade : slash the enemies while rushing to them. If the oppnent dies, it can slash again

-Bomber : Decreased delay

-Shield : Fix not being affected from speed boost during using skill -Hook : Increased accuracy, limited skill time and range

-Myocat : Increased skill range, decreased delay after skill and cool down

-Desperado : Decreased delay

-Iron : Changed skill mechanism (invincible for 3 seconds > 80% damage decrease for 5 seconds), Deleting skill cancel when being hit

-WheeLeg : Skill duration 8 > 6.5 seconds

-Electric : Increased accuracy, decreased delay, Increased range or electric shock and duration


-New Secondary weapon : E.BLADE

-Supproting button size adjustment in settings menu

-Adjustment of exp point when defeated in clan battle

-Adjustment of some acheivement : Bomber, Launcher, Hook, Carog, WheeLeg, Air, Electric

-Improvement of some effects : icons, Assault, Medic, Invisible, Hook, FLASH


-Fix bug in using clan weapons

-Fix medic bug in Battle Royale

-Fix platform login button bug

November 27th, 2018 Edit


- Time Limit for the battle: 7 min -> 5 min

- Normal Game, Clan Game, Friendly game

Battle RoyaleEdit

- Addition of Battle Royale Duo Ranking


- 7 New Costume (5 Ordinary, 1 Limited,1 Clan-locked)

- Addition of Diamond Product: $0.99

- Renweal of Graph for Weapons and Characters


- Bommer max Skill Damage 200 > 250

- Bommer min Skill Damage 1 > 100

- Launcher min Skill Damage 1 > 50

- Hook Skill Damage 30 > 50

- Invisible HP 155 >160

- WheelLeg Skill Effectiveness: 170% > 160%

- Headshot Ratio of R4K1 Aim: 1.5 > 1.4

October 25th, 2018 Edit

New Mode: Battle Royale DuoEdit

- Survive in fierce Battle Royale by cooperating with another player

Battle RoyaleEdit

1. Add new map

2. Add landmarks,new buildings

3. Change the way selecting starting region

Events (~11.14 GMT+9)Edit

1. Jack-O-Lantern Event

2. Gift Box Event

3. Halloween Again

4. 7 new Halloween costumes ( 3 event costume )


1. Add Kill Devil in Normal game

September 18th, 2018 Edit

Bug fixes: Escort mode, Weapon copy, Scopes, Etc.

September 16th, 2018 Edit

Improvements Edit

- Added tutorial, prolog function

- Improve hero can use to skill by melee weapons

Bug fixes Edit

- Fixed a bug where players use weapons that they do not have.

- Fixed a bug related to hero purchase.

- Fixed the phenomenon that Ghost was dragged to infinity by Hook.

- Fixed a situation where the game sometimes does not end in the CAPTURE the MILK map.

September 2nd, 2018 Edit

Limited costume resale Edit

- 7 limited costumes (Antlers, Snose, Raind-Bell, Xmas-Robe, Sman-Scarf, Xmas-Box, Xmas-Tree), untill Semptember 10th, GMT+9.

Fixed some bugs Edit

-Fixed shield bug

-Fixed MyoCat movement bug

-Fixed hook bug in Ice Bang

August 26th, 2018 Edit

New mode: Ice bang Edit

- Earn points by freezing enemies with a ice gun!

- When you shot a frozen ally with a flame gun, your team will receive a point back.

- You can get additional points if you freeze all enemies!

Removed Maze Map (Death mode, Kill Devil). Edit

Hero balance adjustment Edit

- Assault: Cooldown 10> 9

- Medic: HP 220> 225, Speed 30.9> 32

- Bomber: Cooldown 20> 18

- Ghost: HP 160> 170

- Shield: HP 260> 270

- Invisible: HP 150> 155

- MyoCat: HP 190> 185, Cooldown 13> 14, Reduced skill distance by 30%

- Iron: HP 230> 245

- Carog: Cooldown 25> 20, Casting 2.5> 1.5, Turret time 22.5> 28

- WheeLeg: Speed 30> 36, Jump 120> 140, Cooldown 25> 22

- Launcher: improved skill to keep casting after death.

New ItemEdit

- 2 weapons

- 6 costume

Battle Royale Edit

- Remove chat

- Map is closed with the [X] button only.

Improvements Edit

- Main UI improvements

- You can change game setting during battle

- Change limit of viewing angle height

- Change hero selection system during death

July 22th, 2018 Edit

Battle Royale Edit

1. Start the game with a minimum of 25 players> 2 players

2. Fixed item use bug

3. Fixed that killcam's relative rank looks like a chick

4. Battle Royale ranking button effect sound defect fixes

5. Fixed some areas not connected

Improvement Edit

1. Add the server name you are connected to.

July 9th, 2018 Edit

Event Edit

1. Exp, Clan Exp events

2. Gift box, Attendance x 2 event

3. It is now initialized if no attendance is made consecutively.

Battle Royale Edit

1. Fixed some areas not connected

Costume Edit


June 24th, 2018 Edit

Battle Royale is officially open! Edit

1. Play with 100 players

2. Map change

3. Added Battle Royale rankings: Requires more than 20 plays.

4. Add enemy information when player dies

Costume Edit

1. 6 new costumes (1 limited edition ~ 7.23 GMT+09 )

2. Change sorting

Bug fixes Edit

1. BR - consume item bug fixed

2. Clan mark bug fixed

3. Ghost skill bug fixed

June 13th, 2018 Edit

"1. Modify the nickname system - Now you need to buy it from the store to modify your nickname. - Nickname character limit 7 > 9

2. Improved so that opponent's throwing weapon can be distinguished. - DYNAMITE, NITRO, FLASH, C.GRENADE

3. Added a battle royal rank comment below 50th."

There were some versions released before this one that fixed some bugs, nothing more

May 20th, 2018 Edit

*If you can not connect to server, please restart the application

New Hero: Electric Edit

Drops lightning, shocks the enemy, and interrupts the attack for a period of time. Electric shock is transferred to the surroundings

New Costumes (3 limited) Edit

Battle Royale Edit

  1. Zone location randomly applied
  2. Add comments per rank

Improvements Edit

  • Fixed to show only the heroes you have in the hero selection window

April 23rd, 2018 Edit

Battle Royale Beta in service! Edit

  1. Increase map selection time (Battle Royale)
  2. Added Kill-cam
  3. Sound problems fixed (pumping)
  4. Minimum players 20>25 (Battle Royale)
  5. Added Server personal ratio
  6. Japanese translation problems fixed

Balance Edit

  1. R4K1 headshot ratio 1.6>1.5
  2. Zigue headshot ratio 1.4>1.45
  3. Crossbow ATK 70>72
  4. Commando ATK 60-63

Bug Fixes Edit

  1. Object penetration bug fixed
  2. Milk Carton bug fixed

April 17th, 2018 Edit

[Notice] MilkChoco Battle Royale mode has finally come into view.

We had as many expectations as our users, but we had problems waiting for us that we couldn't find with our internal tests, and we showed some instability from day one. While there was hard work at catching bugs and increasing servers in real time to solve this, we finally decided to reduce the maximum number of people to 50 for a stable gaming environment. This is temporary and will gradually increase the maximum number of people during the beta service. It will be a more interesting MilkChoco from now on. Please give me a lot of feedback.Thank you.

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Battle Royale server max 100>50

April 16th, 2018 Edit

Battle Royale Mode: This mode is for fighting to become the last one of the maximum 100 players. Edit

  1. You can enter through "Battle Royale" button in the lobby.
  2. Entry time is limited every 2 hours every day.
  3. If the minimum number of players (20 players) is filled, the game will start after 3 minutes waiting for additional players. (Start immediately if 100 players enter)
  4. Obtain Items, Helmets, and other items from the field.
  5. The area of the map periodically disappears after the flame starts.
  6. At the moment of death, the game ends and you can see your survival rank.
  7. Challenge the last one!


In Battle Royale mode, all heroes gain 100 add health.

In Battle Royale, the chosen hero or weapon does not apply, only the costume. The gun has no additional magazines. A magazine is added when you acquire the same gun.

Medic will not be able to use the healing skills, but will shorten the use time of healing items.

At Battle Royale, Air's jumping power has been lowered.

Turrets and landmines disappear when changing helmets.

All heroes begin with Milk, and damage is reduced when they get Choco Clothes.

Battle Royale mode is a beta service and can be modified or changed during the beta period.

(Official open addition contents: Battle Royal ranking system, ride thing, new compensation)


April 16th, 2018 Edit

New mode

Battle Royale Mode: Survival mode to be the last one in 100

Beta Service will proceed

9 new costumes

  • 3 normal / 3 clan / 3 limited (~ 5/14)

Add 2 new weapons

  • R4K1-Aim
  • P Hammer


  • Ghost: skill cast time 25% down
  • Air: skill cooldown 8 > 9 
  • Assault mode: Fixed not to go up in the milk carton


  1. Chat on / off function
  2. Now can move to Server from the lobby
  3. Added application refresh function

Bug fixes

  1. Jump zone bug fixed
  2. Air jump bug fixed
Update April 17th

March 29th, 2018 Edit

Patch Notes:

Network stabilization. Improve lag in game. Improve respawn lag.

If the network is unstable after the update, please let me know.

Thank you.

March 11th, 2018 Edit

Milk Choco first anniversary event!

99% discount on first anniversary T-shirt sale (~ 4/16)

Resale 2017 limited costume:

  • Christmas costume 1 (3/12 - 3/13)
  • Halloween costume (3/18 - 3/19)
  • Halloween costume (3/18 - 3/19)
  • Christmas costume 3 (4/1 ~ 4/2)

Added 7 new costumes

  • 4 kinds of general, 3 kinds of limited ( 3/12 ~ 4/16 )

100 diamonds for all existing users

Gift box every 12 hours (~ 3/26)

150% of the experience of the clan war experience (~ 4/16) Event time 4:00 ~ 6:00 // 12:00 ~ 14:00 // 20:00 ~ 22:00

All event period will be based on GMT + 9.

Update march 11
Update march 11 clothes

March 11th, 2018 Edit

New Hero Edit

Air - He can do super jump every 8 seconds.

Event Edit

  • 99% discount sale of 1st anniversary T-shirt
  • Resale 2017 limited costume
  • Added 7 new costumes
  • 100 diamonds for all existing users
  • Gift box every 12 hours
  • Clan Exp Events

Balance Edit


  • HP 140 > 160
  • Skill cooldown 20 > 18


  • HP 180 > 190
  • Skill cooltime 28 > 25
  • Skill duration 6 > 8


  • Raise the moving speed slightly

Spyra: Headshot Ratio 1.65 > 1.6

Hawk: Headshot ratio 1.4 > 1.2

KA: Damage 50> 60

Police Stick: Damage 40> 50

Gold exchange rate adjustment

UREE, Gefield sniper mode fixed

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Gold 5 star exp bug fixed
  • Creamy head color bug fixed
  • Wheeleg buff bug fixed
  • Fixed that Wheeleg buff expose Invisible
  • Fixed Ghost's Icon
MC anniversary

February 27th, 2018 Edit

Notice: Edit

From the 12. March, the quantities of gold products in the shop will be changed as follows.

  • 900G → 600G
  • 2100G → 1400G
  • 4800G → 3200G

The current 15000G product is no longer on sale.

Please be careful of purchasing the gold by the diamonds.

February 13th, 2018 Edit

Lunar New Year Holiday Off-duty (2015.2.15 ~ 2.18) Edit

During this period, we are unable to respond to questions sent via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Inquiries sent by you during this period will be answered sequentially after the holiday period.

Cute Assault

February 13, 2018 Edit

New Classes: Edit

Wheeleg - Increases the movement speed of all team members by 70% for 6 seconds.

Creamy - Retention Time 50 seconds Damage 80 Invisible traps are installed every 13 seconds. It is detected by the recon.

Update February 13th

February 13th, 2018 Edit

Balance Edit

  1. Poopoo
    • HP 220 -> 210
    • Skill cooltime 10 -> 13
    • Trap damage 100 -> 80
    • Trap maintaining time 60 -> 50

Rename : Poopoo -> Creamy

Bug Fix Edit

Fixed some heroes hiding their visibility in sniper mode

February 8th, 2018 Edit

Added new heroes Edit

  • Wheeleg - Increases the movement speed of all team members by 70% for 6 seconds.
  • Poopoo - Retention Time 60 seconds Damage 100 Invisible traps are installed every 10 seconds. It is detected by the recon.

Add 9 new costumes: normal, clan, limited 3 per each

Fix sensitivity adjustment bar location in sniper mode (iPhone X compatible)

Change UI icons

Bug Fix Edit

  1. Fixed a bug where compensation was shown as 0 in the clan battle result window
  2. Fixed a bug that did not apply the 20-second penalty when playing with friends.

Balancing Fix Edit

  1. Launcher: Raise the moving speed slightly
  2. Desperado: Stamina 200 -> 220
  3. Recon: Fixed to be able to attack during the skill. Skill maintaining time 4 -> 5 seconds

Valentine's Day Event Edit

  1. Add 3 valentine's day costume (2.8 ~ 3.12 only)
  2. Valentine's Day GiftBox from 2.8 to 2.26 (GMT + 9)

February 8th, 2018 Edit

Valentine Event Edit

Valentine Present Box

  • If you click the Present icon in the lobby, you can get the random gift among gold, diamonds, boosters in every 12 hours.
  • Period: 2018.2.9~2018.2.26

Limited Valentine Costumes (3 kinds)

  • Period: 2018.2.9~2018.3.12
Valentines update

January 17th, 2018 Edit

Patch Notes: Edit

Add the Friendly Battle Mode - A mode in which a user can open a room and invite friends to play the Friendly Battles

Added 2 new weapons: Commando(Crossbow), Clan Bomb (for Clan)

Changed display of ammunition on in-game (magazine max number -> infinity)

Adjust the Santa hat size 

Adjust to avoid being defeated in draws in Clan Battle

Balance: Edit

  1. CAROG: Stamina 230 -> 200
    • Turret Damage 10 -> 8
    • Turret Stamina 300 -> 250

Bug Fixes Edit

  1. Fix the bots used the weapon of users which killed it 
  2. Fix some snail positions have appeared differently to some users in escort map

January 17th, 2018 Edit

Update January 17th
  1. Tap to the [Game with friends] button
  2. Enter the [Friendly Battle] button
  3. Room Number(same as creator’s number)
  4. Search the Room
  5. Add Bots
  6. Invite friends
  7. Friendly Battle Start!

December 20th, 2017 Edit

Christmas Event Edit

  1. Christman present box
    • If you click the Present icon in the lobby, you can get the random gift among gold, diamonds, boosters in every 12 hours. 
    • Period: 2017.12.21~2018.1.8
  2. Limited Christmas Costumes(10 kinds)
    • Costumes: Snose, Santa hat, Antlers, Sman-Scarf, Santa, Xmas-Robe, Raind-Bel, Xmas-Bag, Xmas-Tree, Xmas-Box .
Update December 20th

December 20th, 2017 Edit

Patch Notes Edit

Add new hero

CAROG - Set up a frog cannon that gives 20 damage per second over 2.5 seconds. The cannon is kept for 22.5 seconds. The cannon attacks character only.

Add new bomb - Flash Bang

Remove the Free-for-All mode from the individual Battle

Reduced weapon change UI size when dying during the battle

Applying currency fluctuations according to Google policy(android)

Bug Fix Edit

Fixed a bug Not showing the Space map(Death Mode) during the Clan matches.

Christmas Events Edit

  1. Add 10 Christmas Costumes
  2. Christmas present Events - 12.21 to 1.8 (GMT + 9)

December 20th, 2017 Edit

CAROG - Build the Frog Cannon that inflicts 10 damage every 0.5 sec. The cannon's HP is 300, and it is maintained for 22.5 seconds after installation. Frog Cannon can attack only characters.

Update December 20th Carog

December 7th, 2017 Edit

Update Edit


  • Randomly show the map

Bug Fix Edit

  1. Fixed the bug hero's weapon being misapplied by Medic's resurrection
  2. Fixed the bug throwing two grenades occasionally
  3. Fixed the bug, the bomb was not subject to distance-proportional damage.
  4. Fixed the bug show the wrong total numbers of characters

December 5th, 2017 Edit

Patch Note Edit

Add 2 new bombs: dynamite, nitro

Add new hero

Iron: When the hero uses the skill, the hero can defend against attacks by the guns and some skills (Myocat, Desperado) for 3 seconds. the hero can't be healed when he using the skill.

  • However, the hero can be bombed, short-range weapons and some skills can be attacked when he using the skill

Add costume un-wear function

Add weapon selection function during users died

Add a 20-second penalty for going out from the match after HP reduction

Added the function to change clan mark

Balance Edit

  1. Recon: Increase HP 30 and skill time 1.5 seconds
  2. Hook: Increase HP 30
  3. MyoCat: Decrease the skill damage 190 -> 130

Bug Fix Edit

  1. Fixed a bug where the number of clan enrollees could not be properly displayed
Update December 5th
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