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The obsolete chart of stats of this weapon

USQ is a secondary automatic that costs 900 gold. The USQ is characterized by its surprisingly high accuracy and low recoil, making it the second most accurate side-arm in the game, right behind the Kaus96. While it doesn't do much damage, it can pick off foes at quite a distance without losing much accuracy after each shot.

Pros Edit

  • Second most accurate pistol in the game
  • Second least recoil out of all the pistols
  • Second highest fire rate out of all the pistols
  • Tied for being one of the fastest weapons in the game
  • Third biggest clip size of all the pistols

Cons Edit

  • Third least damage per shot in the game, right behind the Kaus96

It is based on the real-life weapon USP.

Range Body Damage Head Damage RoF Accuracy Move Speed Recoil Clip Size
0.0; 1.3-10.7; 14.7 19 26 5.00 0.24 100% 3.70 12
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