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The obsolete chart with Shield's stats

MilkChoco - Shield

MilkChoco - Shield

Shield, one of the 20 Classes in MilkChoco, has average stats, but is a bit slower and has more HP than Assault.


Shield's effect on weapon damages


Shield's ability is Shield. When activated, the player generates a large translucent shield. The shield can clip through objects. The shield only covers the front of the player and extends on either side about one and a half times the player's width. The shield completely blocks enemy fire from the front but leaves the back and sides vulnerable. Allies can fire through the shield. The player cannot shoot while using the shield. The shield lasts about 5-6 seconds.


Shield has a barrier with a maximum of 105HP and a recovery rate of 15.


  • Because of the lack of a 360° barrier, it is useful to have a supporting teammate support you from behind the shield (notable classes include Medic, Iron).
    • Doing this, it can be a very effective method to retrieve milk in Capture the Milk, given the right opponents.
  • Your allies can shoot through the shield! This is very good when someone is behind you and they need help going against many enemies or if they are just low on health.

If you are getting low because of 1v1-ning a person in CQB, activate your ability and disable your ability to get your enemy off-guard and get the finishing shot.


  • Shield wears a welding mask. This may signify that he made the shield.
  • It appears that the shield is made of bullet-proof glass, but it is unknown what the material the shield is made of.
  • Although it appears as if there is a hole where the eyes of the player are in the shield, the enemy cannot shoot through it to damage the player.
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