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The obsolete chart with this weapon's stats

This page is about the scoped automatic R4K1-Aim. For the non-scoped related weapon see R4K1.

R4K1-Aim is a scoped heavy automatic that costs 2900 gold. The R4K1-AIM is the current meta of milk choco, and for good reason. It outclasses Cato, an already good weapon, in every way. And since it's technically just a modified R4K1, the stats are very similar to it. The high damage and accuracy are the reasons why so many players are drawn to this weapon.

Pros Edit

  • Highest damage per bullet of all the sighted automatics
  • Great initial accuracy, some of the best recoil control for an automatic
  • Superior to Cato in every way, and costs less

It is based on the real-life weapon M4A1.

Range Body Damage Head Damage RoF Accuracy Move Speed Recoil Clip Size
2.0; 9.3-32.0; 38.7 34 48 11.63 0.33 76% 1.67 30
Without scopes
With scopes
Light Automatics
GG5AP45RS-11BB7 BB5-AIMChris
Heavy Automatics
AT-43RB15R4K1EAGRG44Zigue UGG-01BC901GefieldURRER4K1-AimCato
Secondary Automatics
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