Milk bottle

The Milk Bottle in Assault

The Milk Bottle plays a central role in the game.

Taking the appearance of a transparent milk bottle in the shape of a rounded square, the milk bottle appears in 3 game modes.

Capture the Milk

The milk bottle appears as a standard milk bottle. It is located in the back-center of the team's territory. The milk bottle is slightly taller than the player.

When the player comes into contact with the milk bottle and has milk, the level of the milk inside will increase by 1/4 the total capacity.

There are 8 other, much smaller, milk bottles. Each team has 4 of the other teams' milk on their territory. The bottles are all adjacent to each other.


The milk bottle is giant. Many times larger than the player, the milk bottle is the tallest object in the map. There is a single pipe on each side of the milk bottle, starting near the bottom of the milk bottle, then taking a 90 degree turn into the ground.

While standing next to the giant milk bottle, the player pumps milk into the bottle. The level of the milk inside the bottle increases incrementally. If the Milk Bottle is partially filled and the opposing team starts pumping, they will first empty out the other teams' milk. When the milk bottle fills completely, the score of the team increases by one and the milk bottle is emptied.


The milk bottle has a short arch on the side facing the path, alluding to a house, or home. The milk bottle is slightly taller than the player.

The milk bottle is the goal for each trip of the team's Snail. When the snail reaches the milk bottle, the snail disappears and the milk level inside the milk bottle increases by 1/4 the total capacity.

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