The obsolete chart with Medic's stats

Medic is a class in the game. Medic has stats close to that of Assault, being slightly sturdier, a slightly better grenade thrower, and jumps slightly lower.

Medic's impact on weapon's damages


Medic's ability is Heal. When activated, the crosshairs turn blue. When the crosshairs locate a teammate, Medic heals 100 HP. Note that the teammate can be at any distance. If the crosshairs locate the body of a teammate, the teammate is revived immediately, with 100 HP.

Medic's heal ability lets it heal 100 hitpoints at any distance. When activated the ability button turns blue until the crosshairs (which also turn blue) have targeted an ally, in which it will heal that ally regardless if they have full hp or not. Because it heals by numbers, and not the percentage, it will always heal 100 HP. Furthermore, if an ally's body is still intact, the Medic can heal the body and doing so will revive the ally. Note that if the player moves the crosshairs too much, the ability can 'miss,' causing the ability timer to reset, and the heal not to be performed. It also receives 40 hp when it heals someone or revives someone.


MilkChoco - Medic

MilkChoco - Medic

A video from Milk Choco showcasing Medic's ability.

  • Using a scope while activating the ability or moving the crosshairs more slowly can lessen the chances of a miss.
  • Healing allies, regardless of the player's care for the team can be a viable strategy, to have them as shields.
  • While facing a Medic, the player can destroy the Bodies so that the Medic cannot revive them.
  • When Medic revives a player, their previous death is not counted. This is very useful for Death and maintaining K/D ratios.
    • However, in the in-game live leaderboard, the game still displays another death, even though it is not counted.
  • There is a delay between the location of the teammate and the healing, in which the player is immobilized.

You can still get HP by healing a person regardless if the person is fully healed or not, making Medic good in team fights both defensive and offensive.


  • Typical depictions of Medics in video games are characteristically weak, however; the Medic in Milk Choco has even more than the default class, Assault.
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