Launch pad

A normal Launch Pad in the Capture the Milk game mode.

Launch Pads are interactive objects in Milk Choco.



These Launch Pads are bright yellow squares with an inset animated red to green border. They have an animated green arrows pointed in the direction of launch inside the border.
Launch pads

The Launch Pads in the center of the Death Map, including the vertical Launch Pad.


The Launch Pad is missing the border and arrow, and instead has a diffuse flashing green dot in the center. This launch pad only launches the player extremely high with no horizontal movement.


Death Edit

In Death, there are 10 Launch Pads:

  • 1 in your teams base to get to your highest platform
  • 1 in in the enemy teams base to get to their highest platform
  • 2 for transportation to the other teams base
  • 4 in the middle of the map
  • 2 on either side of the farthest platform

Capture The Milk Edit

In Capture the Milk, there are 6 Launch Pads:

  • 1 In your base, to get to the top platform
  • 1 in their base, to get to the top platform
  • 4 on the bottom-most platform, to get up into a base

Battle Royale Edit

In Battle Royale there are some Launch Pads, their number depending on the map where the game takes place. A map has 14 of them:

  • 3 for getting to and from the southeast island
  • 2 in the western strait of the map
  • 4 in the central strait of the map
  • 2 in the eastern strait of the map

Some of the other map has 12 of them:

  • 2 at the bottom of the map
  • 2 in the central-western strait of the map
  • 2 at the northernmost strait of the map
  • 2 at the central-eastern strait of the map
  • 4 at the westernmost strait of the map, for crossing in both directions

You can look at your minimap in the game to see the Launch Pads.

Ice Bang Edit

In Ice Bang there are 2 Launch Pads, close to each team's spawn points.

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