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Kill Devil
Kill Devil is a game mode whose goal is to kill devils randomly spawned across the whole map.


The map, originally took place in the maze map which jumping was disabled. After it was taken out of normal play and brought back the map was changed to the old free for all map. The map consists mainly of 3 shades of purple. The map is small and flat with many walls that players can jump on.


The main goal of the game is for one team to get 15 points. The way each team gets these points is by killing a Devil, which will give a point to the team that killed it. The Devils will pop up randomly, throughout the map. Players have to be wary of these Devils too because if not destroyed in 3 seconds, the Devil will explode, damaging everyone around it regardless of the team.


  • The Kill Devil game mode originally took in the death maze, but later it took place in the current Kill Devil map, while it can still take place on either of them through friendly battles.
  • When the Kill Devil game mode was originally first released it worked like a regular game mode, but between the Ice Bang Update and the Battle Royale Duo Update it was accessible only through friendly battles.
  • This game mode used to have a lower winning requirement (10 points).
  • The game mode originally had Angels, but for some reason, they were taken out.
  • If an angel was shot it would explode damaging anyone caught in the blast and would yield no points.
  • However, Angels may be implemented in the following updates. Or maybe not.
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