The obsolete chart of stats of this weapon

Kaus96 is a secondary weapon that costs 2400 gold. It is an automatic secondary in the game. The Kaus96 does low damage but makes up for it with low recoil, excellent accuracy, and an even better fire rate. But because the weapon does so little damage, it has to use up most of its clip to take down an enemy, this will take a few seconds.

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • The most accurate pistol in the game
  • Has the least recoil out of all the pistols
  • Has the highest fire rate out of all the pistols
  • Tied for the fastest weapon in the game
  • Biggest clip size of all the pistols

Cons[edit | edit source]

It is based on the real-life weapon Mauser C96.

Range Body Damage Head Damage RoF Accuracy Move Speed Recoil Clip Size
0.0; 1.3-12.0; 18.0 16 22 8.11 0.26 100% 4.00 24
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