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Ice Bang is a game mode. It was first teased on an official Facebook Post


The old map


The new map


The map is rather small, has some colored blocks and some translucent little walls. The teams' spawn zones are big glass cubes with exits to the central part and to the top, which can be also accessed with launch pads. The map used to have protection against falling.


The players can shoot enemies. Killing them will bring a point to the killer's team. Those who die will be in an ice block, unable to do anything, until they get respawned. The players can shoot the ice and revive the ones locked in it. When the player remains the single one in it's team he becomes hot (red frame), they will be able to directly kill the enemies, without freezing them, and quickly respawning them at the team's spawn point.

Nowadays, the goal is to destroy the frozen bottle from the other team's base. 100 means that the frozen bottle is untouched, and 0 means that it is destroyed and the destroyers win. The team's whose frozen bottle is less damaged after the time ends without anyone to fully destroy their opponents' frozen bottle wins, with tie on equally damaged frozen bottles.

Before the renew update, the gameplay was more like a deathmach, with one point gained for killing an opponent and one lost if the opponent gets revived. If every player from a team is dead, the opponents will get 4 points. The first team that has 20 points or that has more points at the end of the game wins. If they have the same number of points, there will be a draw.

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