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All of the maps/game modes (excluding the Free for All) as of the latest version.

Milk Choco currently has 7 game modes. All game modes consist of 5 v 5 fighting, with exception to Free for All, and last a maximum of 6 minutes, with the exception of Escort.


Assault is a king of the hill game mode. The teams must stand next to the giant Milk Bottle to generate or pump milk. Whichever team reaches 10 full bottles of milk or has the most bottles of milk wins.

Main article: Assault (game mode)


This game mode is a team death match. The teams kill each other until one reaches 20 kills, or whichever gets the most kills at the end of the time limit.

Main article: Death Map


The main objective of this game mode is to escort the team's Snail to the Milk Bottle safely while trying to kill the other teams' snail. Whichever team reaches a full milk bottle (4/4 snail trips completed) or has the most trips completed by the end wins.

Main article: Escort

Capture the Milk

A classic "Capture the Flag" like game mode, each team has each other's milk. Each team must get their milk while defending against the other team.

Main article: Capture the Milk

Kill Devil

Kill Devil is a game mode available only in custom games, where both teams are on a small map and kamikaze "Devils" appear randomly for a few seconds and then explode. Whichever team reaches 15 devils, or has the most devils by the end of the time limit wins. It may take place either on the Kill Devil map, either on the Death Maze.

Main article: Kill Devil

Ice Bang

Ice Bang is the newest game mode out there.

In the past it was simply a revamped death match mode, with some small differences in the game mechanics, but since the reloaded update the game mechanics changed a little bit, with the goal being destroying the frozen bottle of the opponents.

Main article: Ice Bang

Free for All

Free for All is a game mode available only in custom games, either on the Kill Devil map, either on the Death Map (not the maze). There are no teams and everyone has to kill it's opponents. The player who kills the most people wins.

Main article: Free for All


  • The backgrounds in the early versions of the game were looking a little bit different.
  • The maximum match duration was initially 7 minutes, then dropped to 5 minutes in an update, then raised to 6 minutes in the Death Container update.
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