Escort is one of the game modes/maps in Milk Choco.

It suffered some changes in the 2 years anniversary update. The obsolete version can still be played in friendly matches.


Screenshot 20180808 181543

The obsolete map

Screenshot 20190314 212921 com.gameparadiso.milkchoco

The current map

It has 2 wide zones: Milk and Choco. A team's snail goes from one end of it's team's zone, where also the team's spawn point is, to the other one, where is it's house. The zones are fenced by trees in the middle with some little gaps between, and at the margins there are 2 bigger gaps around a bigger tree at each margin. The update version has a bigger gap in the middle as well. The map has protection against falling. The margin where a team's snail starts is the one where the other team's snail's destination is.


In the obsolete version, the game ends after the fourth sent snail reaches (or should reach) it's destination, even though there shown time limit was still the same like any other game mode, and the team gets a point only if it kills entirely a snail. Nowadays, there are sent 5 snails before the game ends, and there are given points for damaging the snail, up to 25 points (killed snail), and the first team who gains 100 points wins.

At every one minute a new snail is sent, since the game starts.

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