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The obsolete chart with Creamy's stats

Creamy is a class. It bears a creamy swirl of questionable origin on its head. Contrary to most agile classes, Creamy has a considerable amount of health and a high grenade throw distance. Creamy has quite decent stats.


Creamy's impact on weapons' damages


Creamy's ability is Cream Mine. When activated, Creamy deploys a Cream Mine onto the ground. The Cream Mine is invisible to other players. When an enemy steps on the mine, it explodes.

Cream Mine stats
Health Damage Cooldown Lifetime Max amount
50 80 13 seconds 150 seconds 4


Milkchoco - Creamy

Milkchoco - Creamy

A video from Milk Choco showcasing Creamy's ability.

  • Creamy works well with many weapons.
  • Cream Mines are invisible to other players.
  • Put them on the Milk Jugs in the Capture the Milk map to help defend.
  • Put Cream Mines in enemy routes on Death map the enclosed maze are helpful to make a sure-fire explosion.
  • While they still keep the time limit, Cream Mines do not disappear after the player dies. This makes it easy to get the Basket Count achievement.
  • Recon can see the Cream Mines when using X-Ray.
  • Cream Mines do not deal enough damage to kill players in one-shot.
  • Don't stand close to the mines! They won't explode, but if an enemy tries to shoot at you, they may hit the mines and destroy them.


  • Creamy used to be called "PooPoo," bearing a brown-yellow swirl atop the character's head. It was later changed to the current Creamy, and the swirl has now the same color as the rest of the body.
  • Creamy was added to the game with WheeLeg.
  • When its ability is activated, Creamy turns around and squats to deploy the mine.
  • Creamy can be considered the "Teemo" of Milk Choco.
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