There are currently 20 classes, Classes are characters each with their own stats and abilities. Each Character tracks its progress separately, excluding currency. Whatever rank, achievement, weapon or cosmetic is not shared between characters (e.g. a BB5-AIM bought by Assault will not be available to MyoCat).

Stats Edit


Besides that, Bomber, Recon, Ghost, Shield, Hook, Desperado, Iron, Carog and Electric have a health recovery system (aka barrier), with a certain speed of recovery up to a certain threshold.

Classes Ordered Alphabetically Edit

Icon Class Ability Cost
Air Air Super Jump 1050g
Assault Assault Roll default
Screenshot 20181217-163111-0 Blade Blade 2490g
Bomber Bomber Self Destruct 180g
CarogS Carog Frog Cannon 1980g
Creamy9 Creamy Cream Mine 1990g
Desperado5 Desperado Desperate Strike 1490g
Electric0 Electric Electric Shock 1590g
Ghost Ghost Teleport 180g
Hook Hook Hook Pull 880g
Invisible0 Invisible Cloak 880g
Iron Iron Iron Ball 1190g
Launcher Launcher Mortar 880g
Hoco-0 Mago Totem 2990g
Medic7 Medic Heal 180g
Myocat MyoCat Pounce 1490g
Recon1 Recon X-Ray 180g
Sc Shield Shield (Ability) 180g
Hoco Swiny Quick teleport 3990g
Wheeleg WheeLeg Speed Boost 1390g
N/A Cadet N/A default (B.R. Exclusive)

Trivia Edit

  • Achievements, Weapons, and Cosmetics cannot be carried over, meaning buying one of the cheap classes makes easy gold farming.
  • Some Achievements can only be earned by a specific class (eg: Roadrunner can only be earned by Assault.
  • Swiny is currently the latest class, and originally was a Nintendo Switch Edition Exclusive character until recently.
  • Assault is the first ever class you get in MilkChoco.
Cadet (B.R. exclusive & default)
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