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Capture the Milk is one of 6 game modes in Milk Choco.
Capture the milk


The map consists of 4 platforms. Two of the platforms are colored Milk and Choco. The players of each of the teams, respectively, spawn on these. Two platforms are neutral, colored between Milk and Choco. There are three decorative cows and four trees on each team platform. The top platform has three cows and two trees, while the bottom level has two cows and 4 trees. Descending from the underside of the top floor is a wall of empty milk bottles, stopping the teams from directly engaging in combat across the map. A Launch Pad is located on each team platform at the side nearest the neutral platforms, launching the player up and onto the top platform. Four more Launch Pads are located on the corners of the lower platform, launching the player onto the team platforms. Each team platform has a Milk Bottle located at the back-center.


During gameplay, the players spawn behind their Milk Bottle. At the beginning of the game, four small milk bottles from the opposite team generate at the back of the team platform. Each bottle has a hovering indicator of the same color to make it easier to spot. When the player walks over the milk bottle, a cart appears, and the indicator moves on top of their head. The player will move slower when he carries the milk. If the player dies when carrying the milk, the milk bottle respawns at its original place before it was taken. When the player comes into contact with their team's Milk Bottle, the team gains a point. The first team that reaches 4 points (a full milk bottle) or whichever has the most at the end of the time limit wins. If both teams have the same amount of points at the end of the time limit, the game ends in a draw. Good heroes in this mode

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