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Bots are scripted AI's that can be present either in friendly battles if they were placed or in normal games substituting the missing players, and replaced if a new player comes in.

In the first case, they bear names that indicate clearly that they are bots (BOT_2, BOT_3, etc.). In the second one, they bear some special names, that may fool the inexperienced eye.


  • Bots only use Ghost, Bomber, Shield, Medic or Recon. They will always follow a certain path and never jump, use grenades or use secondary weapons. Their range of primary weapons is somewhat limited.
  • Bots have limited sight, that makes them bad at large maps, but it doesn't affect them in smaller ones. Bots are known to be fairly glitchy; shooting through walls, teleporting and even killing themselves sometimes. Nowadays they aren't as bugged as they were.
  • They have pretty low levels, but never a baby chick. They aren't part of any clan.
  • They don't get any xp from matches, not even the minimal 10 xp that every human player gets after the match is done.

Bots' names

  • Agent Smith (based upon the Matrix's character, bears a special flag)
  • Tiffany (Australia)
  • Adam Hess (Australia)
  • Matthew Werner (Australia)
  • Co Cong (Vietnam)
  • Đinh Hải (Vietnam)
  • Thuỷ Bông (Vietnam)
  • Takeshi Ohyabu (Japan)
  • Kayo Miyazaki (Japan)
  • Okada Takaki (Japan)
  • 赤井林檎 (Japan)
  • الحنين (Egypt)
  • Ahmed Nazmi (Egypt)
  • Nicolás (Argentina)
  • Nadia Cassullo (Argentina)
  • Carlos Poza (Argentina)
  • Sánchez (Brazil)
  • Débora (Brazil)
  • Fábio (Brazil)
  • Tyler Coatney (USA)
  • Stephen (USA)
  • Jared Spencer (USA)
  • Daniel (UK)
  • Jonathan (UK)
  • Tom Hoult (UK)
  • Сычева (Russia)
  • Кирилл (Russia)
  • Лимoн (Russia)
  • Xu Jizhe (China)
  • Xiaohu Xing (China)
  • 罗楠 Luna (China)
  • 郭立新 (China)
  • 朱仲斌 (China)
  • 햇세 (South Korea)
  • 한서윤 (South Korea)
  • 신서우 (South Korea)
  • 다재 (South Korea)
  • ่ญา ลิิด (Thailand)
  • พุทธพร (Thailand)
  • อรัญ สุวร (Thailand)
  • นายณัฐวุฒิ (Thailand)
  • Pooja Amar Baid (India)
  • Nimish Desai (India)
  • Shilpa Sharda (India)
  • AI Santos-S (Spain)
  • Alvaro Peña (Spain)
  • Elena Pérez (Spain)
  • Etc.
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