This page is about the game mode. For the class see Assault.

Assault is one of the game modes/maps in Milk Choco.



In the game, there are three separate areas, one for each team, and one neutral area. The neutral area is home to the giant milk bottle, which is the tallest object in the map. Across the map are an assortment of loosely scattered large blocks. Bordering the area between each team's area and the neutral area are tall blue towers. There are not many trees in this map. There are yellow arrows painted on the ground to lead each team to the giant milk bottle.


The goal of the game is to pump 10 (or the most) milk bottles. To pump milk, the player must stand next to the giant milk bottle. Once in contact with the bottle, the bottle will start filling with milk and an object resembling an air pump appears in the player's hands. If multiple teams are trying to pump milk at the same time, neither team's milk will generate. The player is not disabled in any way when pumping milk. The game ends when one team reaches 10 milk bottles, or whoever has the most at the end of the 6-minute time limit.


  • Air and Ghost are the only classes that can reach the top of the giant milk bottle, an ideal vantage point for snipers.
    • To reach the top of the milk bottle as Air, activate Super Jump while standing next to the bottle and position yourself over the top.
    • To reach the top of the milk bottle as Ghost, first navigate to the neutral area right next to the entrance of the milk area. Jump on top of the shorter tower and jump up to the slightly higher platform. Next, teleport onto the the tall blue tower. Finally, aim carefully at the top of the milk bottle. The trip takes at minimum 3 teleports, so consider whether you have enough time and safety to do it as you will be extremely exposed.
    • The surface on the top of the milk bottle is invisible.
  • Air and Ghost are also the only ones to get on to the giant blue pillars. These pillars are also ideal vantage points for snipers and despite not being able to generate milk from there, gives you much vision and allows you to pick off enemies better.
  • There used to be a bug where MyoCat, using Pounce could phase inside of the milk bottle. The player was still vulnerable to explosions but could still generate milk. The player could also stand on top of the milk level.
  • The milk bottle will fill up at the same speed no matter how many players are pumping.
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