Assault holding the AT-43

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The obsolete chart of stats of this weapon

The AT-43 is the first primary weapon every class gets. It has the lowest RoF and recoil among primary automatics. It isn't great on larger maps such as Death.

It is based on the real-life weapon AK-47.

Range Body Damage Head Damage RoF Accuracy Move Speed Recoil Clip Size Cost
2.0; 6.7-26.7; 32.0 43 60 10.81 0.33 80% 1.18 30 0
Without scopes
With scopes
Light Automatics
GG5AP45RS-11BB7 BB5-AIMChris
Heavy Automatics
AT-43RB15R4K1EAGRG44Zigue UGG-01BC901GefieldURRER4K1-AimCato
Secondary Automatics
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