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The obsolete chart of stats of this weapon

AGG-10 is a shotgun that costs 3400 gold. The AGG-10 is a small shotgun that does little damage compared to other shotguns. The AGG-10 makes up for this with its high attack speed, move speed and accuracy.

Because of its stats, it is played offensively, unlike other shotguns, which instead rely on their high damage to quickly snuff out an enemy. Note that BF66 is a better offensive shotgun thanks to it's bigger damage and fire rate.

It is based on the real-life weapon Franchi SPAS-12, though the only setting you can use is semi-automatic.

Range Body Damage Head Damage RoF Accuracy Move Speed Recoil Clip Size
0.0; 1.3-15.3; 17.3 22 x 4 33 x 4 1.39 0.12 90% 1.11 10
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